quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Bed silence

"No, keep it like this", you said. Then you closed your eyes
And released my hands.
Such as a dizzy widow, you deny
Just to say the opposite. But I am fatigué. Plein.
I stare the blue aquarium, near the door
And I can't avoid seeing a black hole dragging myself
To the same little, ridiculous jar. Jane, the psychiatrist,
Says I should take my turn when it's necessary.
So I think we need to put some facts on the bed.
I'm not into you as you're into me
Though you're still inside me, an absolute parasite, draining my energies.
I stare at you, with a noisy silence
Waiting for the turn, so I can open my mouth
And pray for the day
We may be stronger.



My god, this hurts and I can't stand the pain.
Could you stop for a minute? Time is infinite
And so is this moment. Plato's strenght for now.
In front of a cave, after climbing a mountain
A tender wind that could

Bring me a breath of kindness
Like a kiss from the future
Or abstract images. Incomprehensible art:
And I am too tired to understand. But of course you want to try it,
You just love epiphany.
The moment when you see nothing
And then a white light
No train or end
Just the feeling
Your ugly scar in the chest, pulling for a place you don't know

But you'll end at something. You do not wish
To stay quiet. Heavy words fall out from your mouth
Like a dead butterfly.
You'll think every quote was a waste of time
Even though you don't have a clock.
The hours are running, chéri. One and a half, precisely.
We have to go back to bed. But I do not want to.
I want to leave. And no,
I do not want to keep like this.

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