terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

After a class or two

(depois de intensa imersão em Sylvia Plath
decidi me arriscar no inglês
e você me perdoe qualquer falta
pois que até no português
não dou alta)

I still see you eyes glittering
Which always remembers me
Two clouds breaking in a storm
And their impatience sounds like a thunder
An amplitude shaking my head such as an earthquake
But of course without a headache
You could take my face to the sea, because
From all of the masks, it's you who most cover me
And I still don't get why my arms and legs
With their blood and tender flesh 
Beg for more and more and more
An annoying child who always eats candies and nuggets
And after years of intense pain and diarrhea
Finally give up 
And go to bed at seven. 

For heaven.

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